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Life Style Sessions

Capturing the magical moments in everyday life

Right there in your everyday life, in the middle of choirs, piles of laundry and a monotone schedule, right there, is where glimpses of happiness is found. The little hand reaching for the milk. Your dog soaking up the sunlight at his or her’s favorite spot. Reading a book in your favorite chair. Dancing to your favorite song and not caring about anything else in the world. And chasing down your toddler to get him or her dressed before going out. I am a firm believer that those moments also deserves to be captured.

The chase for happiness, the next deadline and the next holiday, sometimes makes our forget what is right there in front of us. Your family life style session will take place in your home, where everyone feels comfortable and where you you don’t necessarily have to change out of your pjs. We will pick your favorite time during the day, and depending on your wishes, spend anywhere from 2 hours to all day together. If you have any questions or would like more information, please click below.

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